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ETM corporate philosophy

Why management on demand?
Temporary management is management on demand:
You pay what you get

When management level vacancies suddenly appear for whatever reason, temporary project-related assignments are on the agenda or experienced managers are required to deal with a crisis situation: the circumstances and reasons for appointing temporary managers are many and varied, while the level of difficulty of the respective assignments varies greatly.

ETM's business philosophy is to GUARANTEE clients the best possible solution to their particular problems.

That's why we are:

A rapidly changing business environment makes it increasingly important for companies to be able to adapt and react flexibly.
clearly focusedclearly focused: management on demand is what we do, nothing else!
uncompromising width=uncompromising: in terms of the standard of our accredited professionals
consistentconsistent: in the approaches that define our business and in our working methods
committed to comprehensive qualitycommitted to comprehensive quality management for our clients and our professionals
readyready to be measured by our success on fulfilling the assignment and always interested
    in feedback from our clients and our professionals.
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