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Our professionals

Management on demand is a conscious career choice and not just a stopgap until the next permanent position comes along.

Independent professionals have extensive experience in managerial positions with renowned companies and can boast an impressive record of achievement throughout their period of regular employment and as a professional.

They have the ability to see things in perspective and think in terms of concepts and above all, are seasoned professionals. They are thus able to get to grips with daily business quickly, and provide solutions that ensure the continued existence of the company in the long term. They are also able to support other executives in a coaching capacity and train their successors.

An ETM professional:

works on a freelance basis and meanwhile sees management on demand as a calling
rather than a temporary solution.
has extensive experience and an impressive record of achievement.
is accredited by ETM and has successfully demonstrated their professional skills.
is used to responding flexibly to our clients' wishes and is a loyal ETM project partner.
is overqualified in a positive sense and able to provide our clients with valuable
input from day one.
strengthens/completes the client's existing management team, in order to help achieve
common objectives. Thanks to their professional and social expertise, they rapidly gain
the cooperation and respect of their colleagues and are in a position to support other
executives in a coaching capacity.
is able to manage a team of employees assigned to them in a goal-oriented manner
and accept responsibility for achieving their own personal goals. They master day-to-day
business in no time at all.
is able to see things in perspective and think in terms of concepts as well as exercise
the necessary degree of understanding to introduce measures that ensure the continued
existence of the company in the longer term.

For ETM, professional placement is more than just filling an empty box in the organisational chart;
ETM professionals always work in line with the clearly defined objectives of the client and within the agreed time and content constraints, often making lasting contributions above and beyond expectations.

ETM is led by a team of experienced business managers, who have acquired their management skills in demanding line positions, primarily for renowned, internationally aligned companies, but also as professionals.
In complex situations, ETM professionals can benefit from ETM's network resources.

ETM is a "solutions provider", while its clients are strictly committed.

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