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Typical FAQs

ETM is frequently asked the following questions:

1. What qualities should a professional have?
Answer: See Manager Gateway

2. Does ETM only look for first line management professionals?
Answer: ETM mainly only takes on assignments at management level and values professionals who are slightly "overqualified". A typical ETM professional in the final years of regular employment is therefore employed at management level, as sole managing director or as managing director/executive board member with functional responsibility (e.g. CFO). During their time as a professional, the typical ETM professional proves to be an asset, especially during phases of restructuring and reorganisation, modernisation or in complex projects.

3. How old is a typical professional?
Answer: The ETM professional is a leader with an average age of around 50. Professionals aged 60 and above are also acceptable, as long as they can demonstrate several years' experience working as a professional and have a proven track record.

4. How long is a professional employed?
Answer: Usually six months, but sometimes just a few weeks or even a year or more.

5. What's the difference between a professional and a consultant?
Answer: A professional assumes responsibility for implementation at operational level, while a counsellor is more of a doer.

6. Does ETM employ professionals?
Answer: Professionals are freelancers; they sign a service contract with ETM for assignments.
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„Management on demand“
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Cover for management positions, e.g. as CFO or General ManagerCover for management positions, e.g. as CFO or General Manager
Crisis management and restructuring, e.g. as CROCrisis management and restructuring, e.g. as CRO
Transition management (M&A, Going Public, Post Merger Integration)Transition management (M&A, Going Public, Post Merger Integration)
Strategic implementationStrategic implementation
Special projects in IT - FI - CO - HR -Special projects in IT - FI - CO - HR -
Supply Chain & Plant Management -  ProcurementSupply Chain & Plant Management - Procurement
Change managementChange management
Interim managementInterim management
Interim managersInterim managers
Temporary managementTemporary management
Independent professionalsIndependent professionals
Management solutionsManagement solutions
Tried-and-tested implementationTried-and-tested implementation
Senior managementSenior management
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