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When should an interim manager be deployed?

Management on demand can be used in all operational areas of a company.

There are many different reasons for using management on demand, and many different types, but they can basically be divided into three main areas of application: PROJECT management, GAP management and CHANGE management.

PROJECT management

Your company is planning to implement significant changes, e.g. switch to dual
ledger (to be able to report according to IFRS/US GAAP too) or radically improve its
planning and reporting system but realises that it lacks the necessary expertise
and/or manpower.
Your company is planning to relocate parts of the business, set up or close a
division, sell the whole company or parts thereof or even list the company on the
stock exchange, integrate acquisitions into the existing organisation and create
synergies but realises that the current management team lacks the capacity to
implement all of these plans.
Your company is planning to expand into new markets and requires people with
knowledge of the local market, the local language and the necessary cultural
background to be able to establish itself in this new market and compete

GAP Management

Your company has unexpectedly lost an executive and requires an immediate
replacement with the necessary experience and skills to approach the job with due
diligence and without being under pressure.
Your company must find someone to cover for an extended period of absence of
one of its executives, e.g. due to a prolonged illness or maternity leave.
Your company has assigned a special task force to a senior manager or promoted
this manager to a key position and there are no executives within the company who
can fill their position until they return or are replaced.

CHANGE Management

Your company is undergoing a phase of transition, e.g. a merger, divestment or
acquisition, and requires help with project management
Your company is in the middle of a crisis and is forced to implement large-scale
restructuring measures but requires the objectivity and experience of an external
manager to make the necessary arrangements.
Your company is preparing for a radical shake-up, including changing the corporate
culture, and requires the help of an external change manager who can act as a mentor to
the existing management throughout the process.

Management on demand

There are many different reasons for using management on demand, and many different types, but they can basically be divided into three main areas of application:

PROJECT Management

GAP Management

CHANGE Management

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